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Mad Security

MAD Security protects sensitive government data against advanced cyber threats

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Managed security service provider cuts false positives significantly to support a fast-growing client base with network detection and response from Bricata.

MAD Security is growing extremely rapidly: we’ve increased our client base by a factor of three in just a few years, and our goal is to grow a further 400% in the next three years. We targeted an NDR solution that could scale to help us hit that growth target while keeping our analyst team lean.

Jeremy Conway, CEO, MAD Security


  • Traditional anomaly-based intrusion detection requires significant time and effort to detect cyber threats in large or complex network environments.
  • Security analysts must rapidly evaluate data and respond quickly, but false positives consumed significant amounts of time.


  • 6.5 minutes to detect and respond to cyber incidents—less than half the company’s SLA.
  • Significant reduction in false positives, saving time on investigations and improving operational efficiency.
  • Delivers rapid onboarding for new clients, enabling MAD Security to continue its fast-paced business growth.

About Mad Security

In the United States, government contractors are becoming a prime target for cyber attacks, ranging from phishing and social engineering to malware and ransomware. Leading the fight against cybercriminals is MAD Security: a managed security service provider (MSSP) that helps contractors and other small and medium sized enterprises [SMEs] detect potential breaches and prevent attackers from disrupting operations or exfiltrating data.