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Hitachi Power Europe

Hitachi Power Europe Digitalises Invoice Processing with OpenText

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Transparency, quality and speed are significantly increased using OpenText and SAP

The invoice processing solution had to have a high level of SAP integration and use the SAP workfl ow. Of all the manufacturers we evaluated, OpenText was the only one able to meet these criteria,

Marius Bruckwilder, IT-Manager for SAP at Hitachi Power Europe


  • Complex, time-consuming, and nontransparent invoice auditing
  • Number of invoices received has increased six-fold in five years
  • Large amount of paper handling
  • Project management needs accounting entries to be made quickly



  • Complete transparency throughout the invoicing process
  • Greater level of standardisation thanks to SAP integration
  • Accelerated processes due to management using SAP Workflow
  • Greater productivity despite a further increase in document numbers
  • Quality and compliance assurance through digitalisation
  • Instant access to archived invoices ready for auditing purposes
  • Mountain of paper reduced

About Hitachi Power Europe

Hitachi Power Europe: a partner for a future with clean energy.

Power station construction is booming globally. The growing demand for electricity and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions fuel the demand for more environment-friendly energy generation. As a market and technology leader, Hitachi Power Europe (HPE) GmbH, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., focuses on state-of-the-art, economical, and environmentally friendly power-generation plants.