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Kuwait Petroleum International

OpenText Helps Information Flow at Kuwait Petroleum International

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Kuwait Petroleum controls documents for effective collaboration, process automation, and ISO compliance

With OpenText ECM Suite, KPI will benefit from a completely automated and paperless environment, applying international standards and policies as well as implementing best practice methodology. This will ensure a strong return on investment to the business whilst maximising the value of a paperless environment to end users.

Assem Rashidi, Executive Manager, MGS


  • Slow and cumbersome manual processes
  • Ineffective communication between team members
  • Difficult tracking and reporting due to highly distributed content
  • Delays in retrieval time
  • Slow and costly processes
  • No available support for an increasingly mobile workforce



  • Efficient and effective automated processes
  • Easier tracking and reporting
  • Strong collaboration between team members
  • Reduction in the use of physical paper and forms
  • Cost savings
  • Easier fulfilling ISO quality reporting requirements

About Kuwait Petroleum International

Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) has a network of over 4,500 retail service stations across seven European countries, operating under the Q8 brand. With services as diverse as car washing, automated diesel outlets, aviation fuel supplies at more than 50 airports and a range of lubrication products, KPI markets approximately 380,000 barrels of product per day in Western Europe, operating its own refi nery in the Europort, Rotterdam as well as a joint venture in Italy.