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Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.

Porzio Bromberg & Newman P.C. Centralizing All Content with OpenText eDOCS Solution

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Capturing all content, including email, in a centralized system helps streamline matter management

By having all client information in a matter centric system, such as eDOCS, it will reduce the risk of us not being able to locate critical client information when it is important to represent that client.

Paul C. Wittekind, Director of Information Technology Services at Porzio.


  • Increasing volumes of content scattered across multiple locations, creating risk and inefficiency
  • Mobile users unable to access the content repository, leading to inefficient client service
  • Administrative and IT teams burdened by off-site, off-hours employee demands



  • Centralized repository for all company content, including email, eliminates inefficiencies and risk
  • OpenText Wireless DMS for eDOCS meets the firm’s remote access requirements. The solution allows users to connect to the eDOCS repository at any time, have instant search and retrieval capabilities, fax and email retrieved documents, and more, all from a mobile device.
  • Both mobile and desktop users can capture, organize, locate, and share content in a secure, integrated environment
  • Full wireless access from anywhere, at anytime relieves administrative burdens and enhances productivity

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