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Allen Matkins

Allen Matkins using OpenText eDOCS to Provide a Centralized, Secure, and Accessible Location for Work Product

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Attorneys spend less time looking for business-critical information, improving productivity.

In today's day and age firms are challenged with creating ethical walls because attorneys move back and forth and there's all sorts of different issues about who's allowed to see a particular document. One of the strengths of eDOCS is it's very easy to apply security without it being overly complicated.

Frank Gillman, Chief Technology Officer at Allen Matkins


  • Attorneys need to be able to access their work product where and when their clients demand. 
  • Finding information quickly is the key to providing good quality service to meet the clients needs.
  • Without a central content repository attorneys are not able to easily find information, and are not confident they have the latest version.
  • Business continuity and content management are critical.



  • Unification of client matter. Central repository enables easy access to the most up to date content.
  • Enhanced risk management with instant access to information and security controls.
  • eDOCS software is intuitive and easy to use.

About Allen Matkins

Allen Matkins is a premier California-based law firm specializing in real estate, litigation, labor, tax, and business law, with approximately 220 attorneys in four major metropolitan areas of California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and San Diego. For more information, visit: