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The Dutch Ministry of Defence

Orchestrating all processes in one single integrated platform

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Dutch Ministry of Defence streamlines their existing 3,000 applications with OpenText Cordys to manage, monitor and optimize their business processes with unparalleled ease and cost effectiveness


  • Support dynamic needs at lowest cost
  • Faster response to changing needs
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance



  • Increased flexibility, speed and quality
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Harmonizing and modernizing scattered IT landscape
  • Uniformity of processes
  • Real time process monitoring and data access

About The Dutch Ministry of Defence

The Netherlands Ministry of Defence comprises the Central Staff, the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Royal Netherlands Army, and the Royal Netherlands Air force, the Royal Netherland Marechaussee, the Support Command and the Defence Material Organization. It is one of the largest employers in The Netherlands with more than 78,000 employees. This includes men and women in uniform serving in the armed services and organizational departments. There are approximately 20,500 members of staff working as civilian labor force, mainly in the armed forces administration and in support areas.