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Information Governance

Discover, classify, manage and secure content throughout its lifecycle with OpenText Information Governance solutions

Information Governance with OpenText

Comprehensive, trusted governance for enterprise information

Information is a critical asset in any organization, one that needs both stewardship and oversight. Organizations need a comprehensive information governance program to identify, manage and secure information across its lifecycle to not just optimize and derive value from their information but reduce litigation and legal risk, inefficient production and regulation and compliance failure.

OpenText Information Governance products build on more than 25 years of trusted industry leadership to form the core of global compliance, security and privacy initiatives for leading organizations. Information Governance solutions enable automated, defensible governance, from creation and capture to archiving and disposal.

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OpenText Information Governance benefits

  • Full lifecycle management

    OpenText solutions provide comprehensive information management throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposition. No matter the process or maturity of information governance strategy, OpenText has a solution to help manage, automate and evolve information governance in any organization.

  • Minimize risk and exposure

    OpenText Information Governance solutions are designed to put risk, security and legal professionals in control without major change management efforts by proactively identifying and managing content at risk.

  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premises

    Regardless of the organization’s current and future deployment and delivery needs, OpenText has the answer. Its commitment to public cloud, managed services, hybrid and on-premises solutions gives customers the ability to address cost, flexibility, scalability and data sovereignty issues.

  • Improve productivity through integration and automation

    Information governance has traditionally demanded process changes that drain the organization’s productivity, requiring training, additional data entry and filing procedures that are difficult to maintain and enforce. Advances in automation and analysis, as well as OpenText Extended ECM integrations with Microsoft Office and SAP®, allow users to focus on their work and give information governance professionals the tools they need to apply policy, security and privacy protocols behind the scenes with no impact on daily productivity.

  • Global partner community

    OpenText is proud to be aligned with a global network of experienced, knowledgeable partners, including integrated software, systems and information governance specialists. These partners can help tailor information governance strategies and programs that meets the unique needs of each enterprise and its unique business processes.

  • Deep vertical market experience

    OpenText serves customers in every sector of the public and private sphere. Financial, energy, healthcare and government agencies are just a few examples of the complex environments in which OpenText has solidified long-term, trusted relationships.

The OpenText Information Governance solutions

Each OpenText Information Governance solution helps enterprises realize the full value of their content, regardless of source or business process, to drive compliance, service and productivity.

OpenText Information Governance solutions cover every aspect of the IGRM model
  • Content Services Platform

    Integrated Content Services Platform with auto-classification: Automatically identify, classify and file content in a secure repository, applying versioning, records policy, security and enabling information governance against work-in-progress documents, email and the most valued content across the enterprise.

  • Privacy Management and Data Subject Requests

    Respond to data subject requests to comply with GDPR and other data privacy requests: Track consumer requests for data access, remediation and removal. Identify data that must be retained. Map data that must be remediated or removed across the organization.

  • File Intelligence

    Apply policies to previously unmanaged content, protect privacy and leakage risks, remove duplicate and redundant data: Scan file shares, Office 365® and enterprise document repositories, such as SharePoint®, to map and index content across the enterprise. Comply with privacy regulations, such as GDPR, by continually identifying exposed privacy (PII) and information security risks. Auto-classification of content helps drive policies for downstream retention management. Remove redundant and obsolete data no longer on hold and past its retention policy period.

  • Archiving

    Maintain long-term governance and relevance of information while off-loading or upgrading critical systems: Upgrade legacy systems to cloud applications, while providing legacy data governance in a managed repository that offers built-in retention, legal holds, encryption and maintains user productivity through a contextual search and web interface.

  • Records and Information Management

    Enterprise-grade, standards-compliant electronic and paper records management: Integrate full information lifecycle management through formal records policies and complex record-keeping policies into electronic and physical records management, while extending secure records access to a broader audience.

  • eDiscovery

    Legal hold, collection and review for discovery and other information requests: Scan and collect data for legal holds. Review and analyze data, apply redaction and produce data for discovery requests.

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