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Risk Management with InfoGov

Information Governance Ensures Information Security and Availability

Does your business need protection?

Organizations today are becoming more and more aware of the need to protect themselves from risk by ensuring that:

  • Critical information is secure and audited
  • Intellectual property is not stolen, lost or compromised
  • Processes are defensible
  • Data is findable when most needed

Information that is not in this condition can become a liability to any organization.

Minimizing Risk with Information Governance

While the use of an information governance strategy to effectively insure businesses against data loss, compliance breaches or legal action, is something on the minds of many business leaders, it is, sadly, too often a compelling event which drives companies to take action.

Introducing an information governance program in the midst of an investigation or litigation can be too late to mitigate costly losses, so the time to act is now, not later, in order to get ahead of future risks.

Learn more about implementing information governance from our Executive Brief:

"Getting Started with Information Governance”

Information Governance Customer Story

Voith IT Solutions

Voith IT Solutions is leveraging Content Server 10, Archive Server 10 and Enterprise Connect from OpenText's Enterprise Content Management suite as the foundation for ‘Datasafe,’ a secure document management system.

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Ensure Organizational Compliance with Information Governance

Ensure Compliance

Manage and secure your assets through consistent, easy policy application and compliance with regulation.

Ensure Organizational Compliance with Information Governance

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Maximise the value of Information with Information Governance

Maximize Value

Get the most value from your information by making sure it is easy to find, efficiently managed, and everywhere you need it to be

Maximize Value with Information Governance

InfoGov Basics

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Information Governance and EIM

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions will help you to manage your Information Governance needs.

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Discovery Solutions for Information Governance

Discovery Solutions from OpenText provide information discovery, semantic classification and organization of both internal and external information sources to enhance operations and reduce risk