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ApplicationXtender Lifecycle Management

OpenText ApplicationXtender is an Enterprise Content Management solution that electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of business content. It is easy to integrate into applications as a back-end service for management of documents and extraction of data related to your processes.

Partnering with OpenText allows you to add market-leading ECM to your applications without dedicating precious research and development time and money to content management. Using ApplicationXtender as your back-end document management module reduces your customer’s complications by moving document management inside of your application. While you control the set-up and depth of integration of the document management module, you receive support from a market leading ECM vendor reducing your overhead for long term management.

Integrate ApplicationXtender to remove your customer's challenges while meeting your own requirements.

Scan, Store and Retrieve

Automate Business Process

Control Information to Ensure Compliance

Customer Challenges
How to move information from documents into your application

Customer Challenges
Documents hold key data for workflow execution

Customer Challenges
Information security is a concern

Your Requirements
Control the costs of integrating documents into your product

Your Requirements
Integrate documents into your application without the technical overhead

Your Requirements
Introducing compliance without adding complicated scripts and modules to your core applications

Why embed ApplicationXtender rather than build your own?

  • Economic choice without sacrificing the vital ECM features that you require
  • ApplicationXtender provides a full document and content management suite of features
  • The product can be white-labeled to ensure consistent branding under your logo
  • Fully embeddable web components via REST, HTML5 to allow Search/retrieval, Viewer, Redaction, Import/Export, Workflow integration of ApplicationXtender and your product

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