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Partner Categories

Referral Program

The Referral Program is designed to allow companies to earn finder’s fees for their effort in sourcing a net new customer lead for License, Subscription and Professional Services. These deals must be registered and approved to qualify. A 5% or 10% finder’s fee is paid if the deal closes within 12 months of registration.

Referral form

OpenText Reseller Program

The Reseller Program is designed to allow partners the ability to market and sell OpenText™ products and solutions. Partners are required to achieve annual program requirements contracted for license revenue, partner loyalty points and training targets to maintain tier status. Transactions are completed through the partner by proactively developing pipeline through marketing efforts.

OpenText Services Program

The Services Program is for select regional system integrators, and consulting firms who wish to implement OpenText solutions. The program requires members to be certified for the given suite focus in order to maintain status within the program. The Platinum Tier is reserved for Global System Integrators and is by invitation and approval only.

OpenText Technology Program

Technology Providers are vendors whose software and/or hardware offerings both complement and extend the value of OpenText product offerings. These partners offer best-of-breed technology components, seamlessly integrated with OpenText products and services.

Prix partenaires 2015

Nous avons le plaisir d'annoncer les gagnants des Prix partenaires 2015 :

Partenaire mondial de l'année - Entreprise

Partenaire mondial de l'année - Échange d'informations

Partenaire mondial de l'année - Analytique
AIR Company Limited

Partenaire mondial de l'année - Technologie

Intégrateur système mondial de l'année

Félicitations aux gagnants des Prix partenaires 2015 ! Votre soutien, vos contributions et votre partenariat sont la clé de notre succès.