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OpenText Secure MFT

OpenText Secure MFT is an enterprise-grade managed file transfer solution that delivers uncompromising security to safely exchange large files.

How do you send huge files or large collections of files? When email can’t handle extremely large attachments, what are your options? FTP, public cloud-based sites, and USBs are dangerous alternatives for enterprise content since they are not secure and outside of corporate information governance policies. Secure MFT provides a high performance platform for easily sending and receiving large files safely and securely.

When big files are big problems…

  • Risk of data breach or content loss - Large files can’t be sent via email, so employees turn to non-secure, risky alternatives such as FTP, public cloud-share sites, USBs and couriers, putting enterprise content at risk
  • Lost productivity – Most file exchange alternatives are very slow.  How much time is wasted waiting for files upload?  Hours.  How much time is wasted shipping the content via courier?  Days.
  • IT intervention – Do employees have to rely on IT every time they need to send extremely large files?  This is an IT resource drain and a bottleneck to get files from Point A to Point B.

It’s time to put the power of secure large file transfer in the hands of everyone who turns big ideas into big files.

Solve the problems of exchanging ridiculously large files with OpenText Secure MFT

Secure File Exchange

Eliminate the risk of file exchange alternatives (FTP, public cloud-share sites, USBs and couriers) with Secure MFT, a secure and encrypted solution to safely exchange files, keeping proprietary, confidential and protected content safe. By providing a platform of governance and compliance for file exchange, Secure MFT enables enforcement of corporate policies regarding secure file exchange throughout the entire organization.

High Performance

With multiple patent-pending technologies at work, Secure MFT allows users to transfer files of any size without limitation and dramatically increase the speed of large file exchange.  OpenText Fuel acceleration protocol provides ultra-fast transfer performance across all types of networks, eliminating network latency and utilizing 99% of available network bandwidth.

Easy to use

Some file transfer solutions inconvenience end users with unfamiliar applications, awkward workflows, or complex security keys.  Easy-to-use tools for Secure MFT include integration with Microsoft Outlook to send the largest files within email, a desktop application, web application and more.   Easily send files with no bottlenecks and zero disruption to the workday.



Secure MFT Benefits:

  • Eliminate risk of breaches
    Eliminate risk of unsecure file exposure and keep your data safe with a secure file transfer solution for ad hoc file transfers that no longer require time-consuming workarounds
  • Increase user adoption of a single, secure solution
    Eliminate the temptation of employees to share enterprise information through unsecured methods by deploying a single, user-friendly solution for the entire organization
  • Save time and get more done
    Meet your deadlines and send files exactly when you need to–OpenText Fuel provides patent-pending, proprietary acceleration to send files up to 80x faster than FTP or HTTP
  • Integrate seamlessly into users’ everyday workflow
    Easily send files from email, web, and desktop applications with zero disruption in workflow, including full integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Proof when you need it
    Quickly and easily provide a complete audit trail of all file transfer operations
  • Increase productivity Don’t waste time waiting for files to upload–get more done with accelerated and faster upload speeds that won’t crash and lose upload progress
  • Save your IT staff time
    Reduce the burden on IT of tracking workarounds and help with the enforcement of policies around performance, risk, auditability, and security
  • A centrally managed, single source for file transfers
    OpenText Secure MFT ensures end-to-end visibilityto all activity in a single solution