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OpenText Decisiv

Unified concept search across the enterprise

OpenText Decisiv is an enterprise search engine that goes beyond keywords to search multiple repositories at once to find key documents, view projects and identify internal subject-matter experts.

Deeper insights

Leverage conceptual analysis for more accurate search results.

Faster results

Search across billions of records instantly with a highly scalable architecture.

Federated search

Use a single search bar to run queries across dozens of content repositories.

Concept search

Find the right documents without keywords

Identify relationships between words throughout the entire database using content and context based search to surface relevant results without precise keywords.

Concept search screen shot

Phrase analysis

Search with precision

Identify key phrases within documents and create a rich conceptual map based on relationships among words. Discover terms you may have missed while including or excluding select phrases for better search results.

Phrase analysis screen shot

Smart filters

Narrow your universe with dynamic, stackable filters

Leverage more than 30 different smart filters on a variety of metadata fields such as date, file type, custodian or location.

Smart filters screen

Knowledge and expertise

Identify authors and subject matter experts

Search authored and owned content to identify and connect with experts in a specific field.

Knowledge and expertise screen shot


Organize complicated search results with simplified charts

See documents according to dates to easily isolate a specific time frame, with suggested queries represented according to prevalence.

Visualizations screen shot

And more

Language detection

Automatically detect and filter documents by desired language—ideal for multinational organizations using shared DMS.


Integrate easily with the most popular DMS systems, local intranet repositories and cloud applications with a rich API.


Influence retrieval and relevance rankings with a customized interface, controlled user access and security levels or incorporate expert annotations, ontologies and taxonomies.

Find what matters

Modernize information access. Leverage the fastest, most efficient technology to find documents, expertise and projects from all sources and locations across your enterprise and beyond. Get a demo today.