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Digital Experience PlatformOpenText Experience Platform

Driving omnichannel customer experience at scale

Create compelling experiences to build loyalty and drive revenue with OpenText™ Experience Platform

What is a digital experience platform?

A digital experience platform provides a set of extensible applications and tools that serve as a technological foundation for continuous, connected customer journeys. These unified and integrated platforms create, manage and deliver individualized experiences across all digital channels. The best digital experience platforms offer an integrated, open environment that leverages a pragmatic approach to optimize operations, enable continuous efficient processes and support the customer journey.

Experience Platform overview

The OpenText™ Experience Platform empowers marketing and Line-of-Business teams to create and deliver omnichannel experiences. It includes best of breed applications to enable current marketing ecosystems and technology stacks to intelligently create, individualize and deliver engaging experiences at scale. It offers a unique, simplified purchasing process with a single fixed price for all the foundational Experience Platform products and applications that can be deployed as needed.

What are the benefits of OpenText Experience Platform?

  • Simplified purchase process

    Offers a four-year term, fixed price for all the core products in the platform allowing users to use as much as they need at any time.

  • Flexible system growth

    Set the pace for replacing legacy applications. Stand up one application at a time, all at once or grow while running alongside existing applications to choose a path that meets the organization’s schedule and needs.

  • Focus on capabilities not on products to purchase

    Create, author and manage omnichannel content to publish and deliver to individualized omnichannel experiences at scale.

Experience Platform solutions

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