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Intelligent Forms Automation

Collect, validate and process customer information efficiently using rich web and paper forms to accelerate your digital transformation journey

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What we do

OpenText™Intelligent Forms Automation enables organizations to collect, validate, and process information efficiently from customers, employees, and integrated systems. Using Forms to collect information electronically or on paper, and automating validation, processing, review, and exchange, OpenText ensures forms- and people-driven processes are effective, efficient, and responsive and lead to an improved bottom line and positive customer experience.

Intelligent Forms Automation is an essential part of a CEM solution, enabling organizations to facilitate two-way customer interaction. By providing a rich, flexible and powerful customer interface, it ensures complete and accurate information is collected from customers while ensuring a positive customer experience. By automating the processes that use the forms and customer information collected, and routing these to the people and systems that need them, it ensures fast and efficient processing of customer requests. And through integration with other OpenText products, it helps to provide a complete and seamless CEM solution.

Two-way Customer Interaction

Two-way Customer Interaction

Built on a robust, scalable, and secure platform, OpenText Intelligent Forms Automation is an enterprise-level solution designed for fast deployment, simple yet powerful form design, and automation of both internal and customer-facing forms-driven applications.

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How we can help

Organizations need an efficient way to collect & process information. Some of the challenges organizations have to deal with include: high costs, low efficiency and higher risk of errors typically associated with manual processes to capture, validate, review and route information.

Key business needs for a forms automation solution include:

  • Customer responsiveness: Enhance customer service and responsiveness with rich interactive eForms and efficient processing
  • Digital transformation: Collect information using both paper and electronic forms, enabling transition to digital processing at an appropriate pace
  • Information accuracy: Improve effectiveness in information collection with intelligence, integration, and validation built into forms
  • Process automation: Replace manual processes with automated forms and information capture, routing, and processing
  • Enterprise solution: Implement an enterprise-level solution for scalable, robust, integrated, and secure interactions both internally and with customers

OpenText™ Intelligent Forms Automation is a solution that enables organizations to drive interaction with customers and employees, ensure information collected is accurate and complete, minimizing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) concerns, and processes are automated for efficiency, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Enrich customer experience and accelerate customer processes
  • Quickly become more efficient with automated forms processing
  • Manage processes with both paper and digital forms
  • Drive digital transformation at your own pace
  • Reduce labour costs involved in manual processing
  • Enable employees to focus on higher value projects
  • Minimize GRC concerns with accurate and secure data collection
  • Implement a trusted, scalable, and integrated enterprise-level solution


Our Intelligent Forms Automation products

OpenText LiquidOffice

OpenText™ LiquidOffice est une solution de création automatisée et intelligente de formulaires. Elle automatise les processus documentaires ainsi que la gestion de formulaires : pour cela, elle exploite des formulaires électroniques et s'appuie sur un puissant workflow qui améliore l’efficacité, le contrôle ainsi que la satisfaction client.

  • Concevoir et publier des formulaires web
  • Gérer ses flux de données et de documents
  • Intégrer ses solutions EIM et CEM
  • Sécuriser les accès clients et collaborateurs

OpenText TeleForm

OpenText™ TeleForm est une solution d’automatisation intelligente des formulaires. Elle fournit une aide au traitement papier et des processus pensés pour la gestion de formulaires. Elle fait appel à de puissantes technologies de conception, de capture et de reconnaissance qui suppriment l’ensemble des tâches manuelles et chronophages de saisie de données.

  • Conception et envoi des formulaires
  • Capture et extraction des données
  • Des processus EIM et CEM accélérés
  • Des solutions intégrées qui gèrent aussi bien les formulaires numériques que papier

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Customer stories

Baird logo


OpenText LiquidOffice allows our company to operate with the speed and agility we need to provide superior service to our clients. We can gather all of the necessary forms for the client with the click of a button. We are very pleased with the product’s performance, scalability, and security.


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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools logo

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

I used to process 10 to 12 of the simple diet order forms in a day, but now I can do more than 20 in an hour.


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Draeger, Inc. logo

Draeger, Inc.

From both productivity and time-saving perspectives, any healthcare organization looking to invest in an anesthesia information system would be foolish not to use a solution like Innovian Anesthesia E-Forms, powered by OpenText LiquidOffice. It just doesn’t make sense for them not to use this type of technology.


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The Word & Brown Companies logo

The Word & Brown Companies

OpenText Exstream is so fast we don’t have a printer in-house that’s fast enough to keep up with it. What the product can do is amazing. The speed is phenomenal and that’s where we are going to see the biggest value.


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Westgate Resorts logo

Westgate Resorts

Being able to do the same workload with fewer employees was a big saving for us and without a doubt, using the OpenText solutions has improved the service that Westgate can give to its customers.


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