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OpenText Redact-It

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Automatically redact sensitive information

Note: Users no longer need to purchase and install an entirely different document transformation engine to add redaction capabilities into their workflow. The Redact-it Enterprise brand is being re-classified into OpenText Blazon and will no longer be released as its own installable product.

In today’s business environment, there is an increased focus on privacy and security. Organizations need to balance expanding data security regulations with the requirement to share specific information both internally and externally. Meeting these two goals requires an automated method to reliably and accurately remove sensitive information from paper and electronic content.

OpenText Redact-It effortlessly removes sensitive content and personally identifiable information from documents as a part of your business processes. You can use Redact-It for desktop use, bulk redaction or integrate it as part of your workflow. Redact-It works with a range of document types—including PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents and scanned images. It creates a new PDF or TIFF rendition of the redacted file, leaving the source file untouched. Instead of just covering sensitive information, Redact-It removes all content and associated metadata.

Redact-It helps you to:

  • Automatically find and remove sensitive data in unstructured documents and forms
  • Replace tedious, manual redaction with highly efficient automated processes
  • Protect intellectual property or personal information from unintentional disclosure, theft or other misuse
  • Meet regulatory requirements for privacy and disclosure
  • Make data protection a seamless part of everyday workflows, not a separate process
  • Integrate redaction capability with content and records management
  • Directory monitoring: Redact-It can monitor a folder for new jobs to process using a pre-defined script—no developer needed. Users can easily create a redaction script by recording actions in Redact-It Desktop.
  • Fully Integrated Redaction: Redact-It can be integrated it with your ECM or records management system.
  • Text Search: Redact-It offers the ability to search for words or phrases, or a list of search terms.
  • Pattern Matching: Redact-It comes with built-in search for standard patterns like phone numbers, Social Security and credit card numbers, or create custom algorithms using regular expressions.
  • Reason codes: You can add reason codes to each redaction area.
  • Increased document security: Redacted documents can include a watermark or banner that can include system information like the time and date. You can also apply Bates numbers.