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Asset Track for Manufacturing Optimize asset utilization with digital asset inventory

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Asset Track for Manufacturing overview

Asset Track for Manufacturing from OpenText™ streamlines operations, cuts costs and increases productivity. By tracking non-fixed assets in a factory environment, organizations automatically keep on top of available assets. Knowing where assets are located and what condition they are in helps minimize asset downtime, optimize asset productivity and maintenance of resources and control inventory costs.

Why Asset Track for Manufacturing?

  • Assets are challenging to track

    Leverage an IoT platform for manufacturing inventory management to automate registering, track in realtime and monitor assets.

  • “Ghost” assets drive up costs

    Account for all assets and know their condition to improve utilization and reduce unnecessary spend.

  • Untracked assets increase risk

    Ensure all assets meet specifications to comply with regulations.

Industry use case

A steel manufacturer needed to reduce asset loss. With Asset Track for Manufacturing, the company can register and track asset pallets for better visibility while improving logistics and increasing manufacturing efficiency.

Eliminating human intervention has led to more efficient manufacturing.

Featured component

  • OpenText™ IoT Platform

    Get an identity-centric approach to managing day-to-day operations of industrial assets and connected things.

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