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Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing Streamline invoicing and simplify compliance

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What is Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing?

Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing from OpenText™ automates invoicing to reduce costs, minimize errors and meet compliance mandates in more than 45 countries. Digitizing manual processes, the solution seamlessly delivers e-Invoices while providing tax authority reporting, complete archiving and auditing access and data validation.

Why Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing?

  • Manual invoicing can't keep pace

    Ever-increasing volumes and compliance requirements result in human error and stress on resources.

  • Slow invoicing impacts cash flow

    Lengthy, error-prone processes affect balance sheets, payment terms and business relationships.

  • Compliance is a moving target

    Regulations differ across territories and change regularly, resulting in penalties.

Industry use case

A global manufacturer based in France was experiencing an 18% invoice rejection rate from customers, significantly delaying payments. By using Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturers from OpenText™, the company has been able to modernize processes, reduce invoice rejections and accelerate cash flow.

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