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Customer Information Management for Banking Innovate services in the Banking industry

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Customer Information Management for Banking overview

Customer Information Management for Banking from OpenText™ helps customers, employees and partners engage and collaborate through any delivery channel. It consolidates and centralizes documents to offer a single customer view and source of truth that eases auditing and compliance reporting. Digitizing, extracting and collating documents, the customer information management solution delivers operational efficiency for banks.

Why Customer Information Management for Banking?

  • Employees need relevant information

    Streamlining and digitizing time-intensive, paper-based manual processes increases operational efficiency in banks and refocuses employees on high-value work. With the right information available, employees are able to deliver superior customer service.

  • Information silos slow processes

    Eliminating wasted time searching for customer information improves employee engagement and productivity. With consolidated customer information, companies have a single customer view, making it easier to handle personal identifiable information (PII), maintain compliance and reduce risk.

Industry use case


Bank Mega of Indonesia needed to improve its multi-step, paper-based method of processing customers’ letters of indemnity.

Using intelligent capture, data is now automatically extracted and stored in a content management system for easy retrieval, decreasing document processing time to better meet customers’ needs.

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