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Defense and Intelligence solutions

Modernize IT solutions, improve decision making and achieve greater mission readiness with Defense and Intelligence solutions from OpenText

See why digital transformation is essential to the success of Defense and Intelligence organizations today

Today's challenges

  • Evolving cybersecurity threats

    Organizations must remain vigilant to defend against increasing cyberattacks and protect economic, technological and military advantages.

  • Outdated IT solutions

    Older technology stands in the way of gaining organizational agility and process efficiency.

  • Pressure to improve response times

    The lack of content integration and abundance of administrative paper trails slow down processes and impact citizen services.

  • Information silos

    Limited data visibility and integration can hinder agility and realtime decision making.

OpenText Defense and Intelligence solutions benefits

Taking advantage of data is at the heart of digital government — it’s the central asset to all that government oversees and provides. The ability to leverage that data strategically in real time will significantly improve government’s ability to seamlessly deliver services, despite increased strain on finite resources.

Gartner Vice President Rick Howard, 2019

OpenText Defense and Intelligence solutions

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