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Experience Platform for Cities from OpenTextImprove citizen experiences and optimize operations

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Experience Platform for Cities overview

Experience Platform for Cities from OpenText™ offers the tools to create digital experiences that accommodate today's high citizen expectations. Cities can build personalized, relevant interactions driven by data and deployed at scale. This single platform provides all the necessary tools to boost engagement while simultaneously simplifying operations.

Why Experience Platform for Cities?

  • Citizen experiences lack connection

    Unify the experience across websites, communications and other channels to save
    citizens time.

  • Engagement expectations are high

    Make citizens feel valued with personalized, richer experiences on whatever channel they prefer.

  • Operations are not optimized

    Simplify workflows to reduce the increasing demands on resources and free staff for other tasks.

Industry use case

A large U.S. county needed to make the most sought information on its website easier to find for visitors. With Experience Platform for Cities, it was able to tag content into user-friendly, searchable categories. Citizens and tourists can now quickly find what they're looking for.

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