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Editorial Workflow Management SoftwareOpenText Content Hub for Publishers

Comprehensive editorial workflow management, digital asset management (DAM) and multi channel publishing software used by global news agencies and publishers for traditional print and digital

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What is editorial workflow management software?

Editorial workflow management is the process to create a finished piece of content ready for publishing. Whether publishing to a magazine CMS, a newspaper CMS or other content distribution platform, the process to write, report and edit content is crucial. Depending on the size of the organization, its mission and the type of content, the workflows are different. The overarching purpose of editorial content management is to provide an effective way to simplify the publishing process.

The critical ingredients for editorial workflow management are the content distribution platform and  content repository. Integrated in the workflow, the content distribution platform automates the publishing of the finished content to all the relevant channels and destinations. A secure, centralized content repository gives writers, editors and designers access and transparency to content, pictures and resources to streamline tasks, approvals and finalization. These technology tools support the people and processes for an organized and efficient editorial workflow.

Editorial workflow management software overview

OpenText™ Content Hub for Publishers is purpose-built digital asset management software for the news and information publishing industry, designed to support the content publishing workflow of today’s digital newsroom. It handles the large volumes of content that newsrooms across the world are exposed to daily and efficiently manages editorial workflows and digital content distribution. Content Hub for Publishers provides comprehensive digital publishing software including a syndication portal, allowing packaged content to be made available to clients for licensing and syndication purposes.

Traditional, print-dominated newspaper software systems are challenged with separate digital publishing software tools for editorial, picture desk and distribution, creating disconnected content workflows. OpenText Content Hub for Publishers provides digital publishing software for editors and journalists with a centralized way to research, create and publish stories for print, online, mobile and social channels. By placing content in a central hub with editorial workflow management software, newspaper software and editorial photography, CHP supports new business models that allow iterative workflows across the organization with full control, access and transparency as content is created, repackaged, tracked and published to multiple channels and outlets. Content Hub for Publishers meets the unique, ever-changing and challenging demands of today’s publishing industry.

Content Hub for Publishers editorial workflow management software features

A Content Hub model supports the editorial workflow stages. The features below are all fully supported by the Content Hub for Publishers platform.

  • Digital Asset Management

    The large amounts of news, research and information content, such as newswire feeds, picture desk and other content sources, can be overwhelming. CHP has the scalability to meet the demand of hundreds of thousands of assets a day, plus the added benefit of an automated, multichannel content distribution platform.

  • Semantic metadata management

    Content, image and video analytics to build semantic metadata, allowing better, faster, and more accurate searches and linking of related content.

  • Content creation tools

    Content assets can be further enriched with in-platform authoring to add stories, editorial templates, basic styling, version control and access to industry standard editorial photography and picture editing tools.

  • Workflow management

    Plan and organize content creation and publishing activities. Create and assign workflow jobs to teams and users, and track progress against deadlines.

    OpenText Content Hub for Publishers UI screen
  • Content distribution

    Once packaged, users can track all content delivered to multiple publishing platforms as well as the preparation and publication of content within those platforms.

    OpenText Content Hub for Publishers UI screen
  • File and content repository

    The workflow includes a platform that allows for full storage of all assets, scalable to store large volumes in the millions. It also provides specialized tools for managing the archive, such as publication browsers, support for different publication types, categorization by librarians, semantic intelligent search, bulk loading and extended metadata.

  • Content syndication

    The workflow offers the ability to promote and market certain packages of content, and enable business-to-business licensing and distribution of content.

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Editorial workflow management software benefits

  • Advanced searching

    Streamlines publishing, content authoring and production with a centralized “hub” of indexed, searchable, metadata-rich resources, templates, styles and editing tools. Faster time to market with searchable, centralized repository, automated format conversion, content portals, rights management and packaging for print and digital channel publishing.

  • Multi channel publishing

    Leverages the organization’s print publishing expertise and transforms it for online publishing, content authoring, editorial photography, digital news/information production and distribution to multiple channels, outlets and platforms.

  • Content repurposing

    Enables publishing business models and new revenue streams with the efficiencies of “create once, use many” for publishing, content authoring, licensing, syndication and distribution requirements.

  • Content archiving solutions

    Manages archival and “owned” content in a searchable library for stock images, research and other uses.

  • Intuitive CMS for publishers

    Redesigned, intuitive user interface allows users to learn faster.

  • Open platform

    Integrates and extends to publishing workflows and tools.

  • Multiple language support

    Supports regional and localized publications, shared content repository and controlled access.

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