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Remote access for Energy and Manufacturing

Improve efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance

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What is Remote access for Energy and Manufacturing?

Remote access gives Energy and Manufacturing workers access to up-to-date documentation from the field, improving the quality and safety of maintenance operations and boosting efficiency. With access to critical content, including current documents and procedures, field engineers can ensure their work complies with the most recent regulations.

Why Remote access for Energy and Manufacturing?

  • Continuity depends on information

    Field engineers gain access to the latest technical documentation to improve maintenance, helping ensure services and operations run uninterrupted. Engineers gain productivity with the necessary manuals, instructions and procedures available to them whenever, wherever.

  • Documentation is quickly outdated

    Centralized enterprise content management systems control document revision to ensure engineers access the latest versions of materials and corporate specifications. Offline capabilities provide access to these documents in remote locations and updates happen automatically when the device reconnects to a network.

  • Regulatory compliance is complex

    Industry, government and health and safety regulations are revised frequently. With access to the latest versions stored in a central library, engineers can be confident they are following the correct, most up-to-date procedures.

  • Travel can be costly, risky

    By avoiding trips to the office or other central locations, field workers save time and money while limiting travel during times of emergency or crisis. Remote access to documentation also cuts an organization's dependency on printing out cumbersome manuals, which can run up to 5,000 pages.

Remote access for Energy and Manufacturing overview

OpenText™ Core Share™ offers remote access to libraries of critical content stored in either OpenText Content Suite™, OpenText™ Extended ECM or OpenText™ Documentum™ to help companies increase the efficiency of field engineers for improved operations and boosted resiliency. Each product integrates with Core Share either separately or in combination for access to the latest version of technical and regulatory information from the field. Engineers are then able to eliminate trips to the office to print out documentation, saving time and money.

Industry use case

A major U.S. utilities company began using remote access to critical content to share technical manuals managed in an OpenText repository with field workers, contractors and regulators. Changes to the field manuals happen as often as every four hours, and the solution ensures that revisions are published to mobile devices so that engineers are accessing the most recent documentation. Core Share notifies mobile users when revisions have been published.

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