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Safe-Workplace Playbook Management for Manufacturing Start-up and continuity protocols for post-pandemic operations

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Safe-Workplace Playbook Management for Manufacturing overview

Safe-Workplace Playbook Management from OpenText™ helps manufacturers resume and rebuild operations following shutdowns caused by disruptions, such as COVID-19. Based on a scalable content management platform, the solution manages playbooks containing the latest safety and operational procedures to help employees stay up to date, reestablish operational stability and quickly restore productivity.

Why Safe-Workplace Playbook Management for Manufacturing?

  • Communication breaks down

    Restoring operations involves improved communications among dispersed stakeholders across functions and management levels.

  • Longer downtime means lost revenue

    Resuming normal operations can be a costly exercise without well-defined, easily accessible plans.

  • Procedures change frequently

    Evolving regulations, directives and best practices must be thoroughly incorporated and adopted.

Industry use case

A major auto manufacturer restarted its plant operations after nearly a year of shut down due to COVID-19.

With new health and safety protocols to accommodate, the company relied on a manufacturing safe-workplace playbook, managed by a content management platform, to incorporate the new protocols and restore operations.

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