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Telecommunications solutions

Improve network uptime, uncover new market opportunities and reduce customer churn with OpenText Telecommunications solutions

Today's challenges

Telecommunications providers face a number of hurdles that can impact revenue streams, customer retention and business longevity.

  • Customer churn

    Customers are fickle, ready to jump to a competing provider if service needs and individual preferences are not anticipated and met.

  • Network and service downtime

    Providers must quickly identify and address service risks and inefficiencies to meet customers’ expectations for high-quality, around-the-clock services.

  • Learning from successes and failures

    Disparate types of data and siloed repositories make it challenging to unlock business insights and improve decision making to boost profit margins and service quality.

  • Complex regulatory requirements

    Providers must reduce regulatory operations costs and non-compliance risk, without impacting service delivery and customer care.

Customer success stories

OpenText Telecommunications solutions benefits

In addition to network investments, telcoms should continue to focus on creating business efficiencies and streamlining processes. In the case of IoT, for example, consider the sheer number of devices that will be added to various networks. Most telecommunications providers’ billing systems, for example, aren’t equipped to support that workload today.

Deloitte, 2021 Telecommunications Industry Outlook

OpenText Telecommunications solutions

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