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Travel and Transportation solutions

Improve safety, enhance customer experiences and gain supply chain visibility
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Travel and Transportation

Today’s challenges

Travel and Transportation organizations, including passenger travel (airlines, road and rail and mass transit), tourism and hospitality (hotels and cruise lines) and transportation logistics (air freight and trucking) companies face numerous challenges.

  • Safety and risk management

    Implementing best practices to mitigate risk, quickly identify and diagnose equipment issues and keep fleet and supply chain equipment running is an ongoing priority.

  • High costs of litigation, compliance and investigations

    Airlines and other travel entities are highly regulated and may face M&A or antitrust investigations and litigation, driving up costs and taxing internal resources.

  • Data overload from IoT

    The vast amounts of data collected from sensors, cameras and other connected IoT devices can be difficult to analyze quickly and effectively.

  • Realtime inventory insight

    Transportation and logistics companies need on-demand visibility into their inventory and supply chains as well as access to realtime data and analytics to better anticipate and adapt to future demand.

Customer success stories

Benefits of OpenText Travel and Transportation solutions

Cognitive technology can truly shine in the travel industry. The unique mix of people-to-people interaction, repetitive tasks and operations, and unpredictability created from variation in traveler preferences and variables like weather disruptions create opportunities for different shades of cognitive—including insight, automation, and engagement—to make an impact.

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OpenText Travel and Transportation solutions

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